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George Fannin (Patricia’s 3rd great-grandfather, my 4th great-grandfather)
b. 28 Oct 1804 Russell County, Virginia
d. 16 Feb 1884 Crockett, Morgan County, Kentucky

George Fannin

William Fannin (Patricia’s 2nd great-grandfather, my 4th great-uncle)
b. 29 May 1826 Virginia
d. 15 Oct 1884 Crockett, Morgan County, Kentucky
His father George’s headstone is directly behind his, his mother Mary’s headstone is to the left.
William Fannin

According to the 1840 Census for George Fannin, his family consisted of two white males ages 5-9 (my 3rd great-grandfather Peter Mumpower Fannin b.1832 and Thomas Hugh Fannin b.1835), two white males ages 10-14 (Patricia’s 2nd great-grandfather William b.1826 and Bryant b. 1830), one white male ages 30-39 (George b.1804, the head of the family), two white females ages under 5 (Elizabeth b.1837 and Eve b.1840), one white female ages 30-39 (Mary Magdalene Mumpower Fannin b.1809), and one female ages 60-69 (this would most likely be Mary’s mother, Eve Zimmerly Mumpower b.1779; she became a widow in 1820 and is listed as living with George & Mary in the 1850 Census). Since the 1840 Census doesn’t list names, we have to use intuitive reasoning. The facts from other sources fit neatly with this census record.


In the 1850 Census, William’s household was listed immediately after his father George’s household, implying that he lived very near his father. I suspect he lived on the family farm, maybe in his own home, maybe not. He’s married and living with his wife Anna “Eunice” Day
1850 Census, George Fannin, page 11850 Census, George Fannin, page 2

In the 1860 Census, William & Eunice have six children: Louisa, Lydia, Peter (Patricia’s great-grandfather), Frances, Melinda, and John.
1860 Census, George Fannin

In the 1900 Census, Patricia’s grandfather David Crockett Fannin shows up as a ten-year old son of Peter and Marinda Alice Hutchinson Fannin.
Peter Fannin

In the 1920 Census, Patricia’s father Claude first appears. He’s nearly three.
David Crockett Fannin_1